Better World

The Goodness of Business
We believe that the creation and management of capital is a noble calling – that business has a higher purpose than a bottom line. Sound, ethical businesses provide value for consumers and shareholders alike. They generate jobs and opportunity, spur innovation, and provide opportunities for individual growth and fulfilment.

Healthcare In Southeast Asia
We look to invest in businesses that create social value and drive national prosperity. We own Hoan My, the largest private hospital network in Vietnam, and are a significant shareholder in The Medical City (TMC), one of the largest private healthcare providers in the Philippines.

Clean Energy
Energy is a critical component of economic growth. No country has prospered – or even developed – without it. We believe that building and investing in companies that generate clean, sustainable, and renewable energy is essential for the continued growth of both developing and industrialised countries.

We are funding the development of energy resources in Papua New Guinea and South America, and are building a leading Asian geothermal company (Orka Energy) to heat and power homes and businesses across Asia. 

Good Corporate Governance Builds National Prosperity
The stewardship of a nation's resources rests with its business community. Wisely managed, these resources can create long-term prosperity. The quality of corporate governance is therefore key to a nation's strength and sustainability. We have developed and applied the principles of corporate governance for more than three decades.